Trucking Industry Overview

Well, we’ve already established that you’re at least interested in finding out a little bit more about truck driving jobs and working in the trucking industry.

Whether you want to get behind the wheel of a dump truck or long-haul rig, or find employment with UPS, the basics are still the same.

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You still need to have specialized training to handle many of these vehicles. This section of JobMonkey can help you find the best schools to assist you in learning to drive or maintain trucks, or even become your own boss by owning your own trucking company!

Some of the information available in these pages can help you make the decision to work in a particular field of trucking or in a specific area of the country – or the world. You’ll also want to see our Auto Driveaway section for driveaway jobs information. If you’re the least bit curious about the world of trucking and the specific jobs available to you, then this site will help you find the answers you’re looking for. Now, make no mistake – these sorts of jobs aren’t for everyone. It takes a particular type of person to get behind the wheel of a massive transport rig and handle it with confidence and safety.

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If you think after looking over these pages that this industry is for you, than there’s more than enough information here to get you started and on your way with top trucking and freight companies such as Estes, Yellow Freight, and USF Reddaway.

Whether you want a local truck driver job around your town or city, or transport necessary materials clear across the country, this site can give you the direction you’ve been looking for. If you’d rather be an owner operator trucking company, this section of JobMonkey can help you learn how to do that. Maybe your talents lean more towards the mechanical aspects of things. Getting a diesel mechanic job would allow you to make a very good living servicing and maintaining many types of trucks and other diesel-powered machines. You can find a great amount of valuable information covering all sorts of trucking jobs within these pages. Welcome to the trucking industry!

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