Truck Driving Jobs in Iraq

If the thought of driving a truck in North America seems a little too boring for you, then driving a truck in a country like Iraq may be better for you. Truck drivers are always in high demand in Iraq and other countries where terrorist factions are constantly battling anyone and everyone for control.

Iraq Trucking Photo

Many foreigners see this type of area as the perfect place to earn a lot of money very quickly and then get out, back to safer shores. Oil companies are always hiring for open oil tanker truck driver jobs due to high turnover. If you’re well aware of the risks involved and are still set on working in Iraq, there are a few things you should know. The most visible and significant threat to workers in this region of the world are the terrorist attacks that can come from anywhere and at anytime of the day or night. While there are far more truck drivers who work in the safer areas of the country, more patrolled by the military, the fact is that some areas of the country simply aren’t safe for anyone to be in.  

The working conditions are very harsh, with high temperatures and sand storms that can spring up and erase visibility for lengthy periods of time.

Even with the hard working conditions and the threat of terrorist attacks, truck driving jobs in Iraq are still being sought after by many foreigners, looking to make a lot of money for hard driving work in a very short time. We’re not talking about military trucking jobs either; these are jobs with private companies. Many people go against the odds and apply for truck driving jobs in Iraq, believing that their luck will see them through. Truck drivers from all over the world are applying to companies set up in Iraq and looking to find workers for hard-to-fill positions such as truck drivers.

It’s not uncommon for a foreigner working for a company in Iraq driving a truck to have an annual salary of $75,000 with some earning as much as $100,000 while working in the more dangerous areas of the country.

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