How to Write eBooks

eBooks are gaining popularity, with more and more people demanding online versions of books be made available. Ebooks can be as short as a few pages or as long as a few hundred pages. They’re typically delivered to the buyer in a PDF file, so the buyer can choose to save it and read it on his or her computer or the buyer can choose to print the document. You can also deliver it as an EXE file.

EBook Writer Getting Paid for Project

You can write and sell ebooks online in two main ways. First, you can apply for ebook writing jobs. Many people hire writers to ghostwrite these books. In essence, you are paid a flat fee to write a certain number of words, but your name is not put on the book, and you don’t have any say about the final product. You can instead write your own ebooks, and you’ll be paid whenever you make a sale. There is a third way – you could be paid royalties like you would be with a print book – but this is rare, and it is even rarer that you’ll get any kind of advance.

Ebooks aren’t the same as print books. You can convert your print book to sell online in an electronic document, but a true ebook reads more like a webpage. You want to keep it easy to skim, packed with information, and low on fancy graphics (in most cases) so it is quick to load.

The fact is that I could write an entire ebook on how to write and sell ebooks. Actually, some people have! If you’re interested in creating an ebook, check out the following sites to find out more:


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