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Finding a writing niche is the best way to really develop your voice and popularity in the freelance writing industry. As a newcomer, especially online, you should be able to research and write about almost anything. Sure, some technical, health, legal, political, etc. topics might be out of the question if you aren’t an expert in the field, but you should be able to do research for most general consumer articles.

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However, it is important to hone your skills in a single area. That way, when you see freelance writing jobs posted for your niche topic, you can apply with tons of writing experience in that area.

Don’t make your specialization too broad, or you won’t really be an expert, but at the same time, don’t make it too narrow, or there will never be demand for your work. Think outside the box! How about blogging about wine?

Websites such as Walla Walla Uncovered look for people to write about Walla Walla travel topics – and there are many similar websites all over the world seeking bloggers.

Online, some niches will also be more popular than others. Top writing topics include the following:

  • Technology
  • Celebrities
  • Political News and Opinions
  • Video and Computer Games
  • Entertainment (music/movies)
  • Finance
  • Law

That doesn’t necessarily mean you can make the most money writing in these areas. It means that there is the most potential for some writers to make money in these areas. Say, for instance, that you taught piano lessons for 40 years. You’ll have much more success writing articles about the piano and music in general than writing articles about politics if you’ve never even voted.

So, when choosing a niche, follow your passion, especially when you’re writing a blog. Most blogs are updated at least once a day. Do you really love your topic enough to write 365 stories on it every year? Do you have the specific knowledge to do that?

Sparkplugging.com has a really great article about finding your niche. One of their best suggestions is to look at your resume. What kinds of jobs have you already been taking? Where does your non-writing experience lie? Stick with what you know. Clients pay more for “experts” on a topic, and you’ll make more money because you won’t have to spend as much time doing research.

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