Employer Interview – Alaska Summer Resort Jobs

JobMonkey spoke with the hiring manager for Denali Black Diamond Resort. She provides great insight into what their company is looking for in its seasonal staff.

What qualities do you look for in seasonal employees?

I am looking for someone who is adventurous, motivated, easy-going, looking for a small-town experience, is not looking for a high paying job but a fun summer job is flexible with days and shifts that they work, can work our entire season, and is willing to train for multiple jobs.

How can an applicant set him or herself apart positively?

This might sound silly but when we are getting over 1,000 applications, I think I gravitate toward the shorter resumes that are precise and have an easy-to-read work history. I also greatly appreciate a photo. It’s not that we are looking to hire gorgeous people – it just puts a face to a name and it helps me remember who they are a lot better.

What kills an applicant’s chances with your company?

There are a couple of specific things that I look for: any complaining about their past job or employer and negativity about the place they are in now. They do need to be able to work our entire season, so start and end date are important. We also do not allow pets in our housing and you would be surprised at how many people have a pet that they want to bring, from cats and dogs all the way to snakes and horses!

What do you think applicants should know before applying?

For our business, I think they need to know that we are a very small family business so we are not as structured as a corporation. I think a lot of people automatically think they will like this better, but in the long run, I find that many people like structure better. I think they need to understand what our company is about, where we are located, and that because we are a small company they will be required to help in any way possible. They are probably not going to make a fortune working for us, but if they are the right type of outdoorsy, adventurous person they are going to make some lifelong friends, earn a little bit of money, and have a fantastic adventure!

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When is your busiest hiring season?

I do most of my hiring in February. I start taking applications in January and try to finish by March 1st. I usually lose one or two people by mid-April and fill those summer positions by about May 1st.

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