Alaska Seasonal Worker Shares Insights

Here’s another interview with a summer worker in Alaska.

What was the biggest surprise about your job?

How easy it is to work 14 hours and feel awake. The sun does a number on sleep cycles.

Also, the way the visitors are scheduled so rigidly.

I’m from Wisconsin and we used to say “cut hay while the sun shines” – the visitors try to pack as much into their week as possible.

What was your biggest challenge?

The weather the year I worked was wetter than I had hoped for. When it wasn’t raining a little, it was raining a lot! I came from Arizona and I guess I’m more adapted to 100+ when it’s summer than snow on June 1st.

What did you like best about working in Alaska?

I loved being able to get to know the thoughts and attitudes of people from all over the world. And I don’t just mean the people I worked with – the excitement of people reacting to the landscape is memorable.

What advice would you give to someone looking for a seasonal job in Alaska?

Any person thinking about working in Alaska should get as much information as possible. Be prepared to live cheap or have some money saved first. Also, you might have to change jobs if the business relationship doesn’t “click” on your first try. Hopefully, you can get back and have some money saved to help pay on those college student loans, which seem to call my name.

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Would you go back again?

You bet! If you have the flexibility in your year to work and play anywhere in Alaska for a season, do it! Many other businesses offer discounts and freebies to seasonal workers, including wagon rides, flight tours, ATV rentals, rafting, kayaking, fishing, golf, etc. There is also a lot of music going on in the interior. Bluegrass is popular and fun.

Next time I’ll probably try to work along the coast.

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