Alaska Adventure and Tour Companies

Tour and adventure companies usually specialize in one type of wilderness expedition, such as white water rafting, sea kayaking, backcountry hiking, mountaineering, canopy climbing or cycling. Others offer guided bus and train tours. Many are located near national parks like Glacier Bay, Wrangell-St. Elias, and Denali, while others take advantage of the coastline or forested areas for their trips.

Bus tour companies often require drivers to provide interpretation as well as driving services. Drivers may give talks about nature or history during the course of the tour. By the way, of all the summer jobs in Alaska, seasonal bus drivers are among the toughest to fill.

River Rafting Guide on River in Alaska

These companies hire a variety of types of seasonal workers, including

  • Rafting guide jobs
  • Nature guide jobs
  • Fishing guide jobs
  • Sea kayak guides
  • Canopy guides
  • Seasonal Bus and shuttle driver jobs
  • Reservation clerks
  • Program assistants
  • Trip packer
  • Tour coordinators

Previous experience is necessary for most of these jobs, and sometimes First Aid, CPR, and other safety certifications are required as well.

Rafting and hiking outfits are the most common types of adventure company; some of the other niche companies offer unique activities.

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Some wilderness adventure companies also offer special internship programs for college students interested in learning to be nature guides. These internships provide training and a chance to try the field.

Adventure and tour companies offer perks to employees like free and discounted outdoor gear, as well as space-available spots on tours and discounts to area attractions. Adventure guide work often involves long and irregular hours (up to 12-hour shifts during busy times), but the work is challenging and exciting.

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