Employer Interview – Alaska River Rafting Jobs

JobMonkey spoke with the hiring manager for Denali Raft Adventures. She provides great insight into what their company is looking for in its seasonal staff.

What qualities do you look for in applicants for reservation and gift shop jobs?

I look for previous experience – retail for gift shop employees and similar work with hotel, car rental, raft companies, etc. for reservations. Next I look for cash handling experience and computer experience and finally I look for folks who have good references from previous employers.

River Rafting Guide on River in Alaska

What qualities do you look for in applicants for raft guide jobs?

We prefer at least three years’ previous experience working for another raft company. First Aid, CPR and swift water rescue are also important. We then evaluate what rivers the applicant has worked on and speak with a previous employer.

What would you want applicants to know before applying?

I would like the applicants to evaluate the job requirements to make sure they have the necessary skills and determine that the job will be a good fit for them personally. A happy employee makes a happy employer.

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How is working in the Alaska tourism industry different from working elsewhere?

We live in rural Alaska, so it is 127 miles to the closest grocery store, small mall or movie theater. Employees working here must love the outdoors – hiking, rafting, bike riding are the most popular activities. Because there are few places to rent, employers here in the Denali National Park area must provide the lion’s share of housing. Employees live in a group environment.

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