Alaska Job Pay and Benefits

While you won’t get rich working most summer jobs in Alaska, they can be a very affordable way to see part of the state, since employers often provide cheap housing and remote locations make spending too much money more difficult. Perks like discounted outdoor equipment and tours are a nice draw for many people, but Alaska itself is the biggest “benefit.”

Pay, Tips, and Bonuses

Pay varies from about $10.85/hour (Alaska minimum wage as of Jan. 1, 2023) to over $30/hour, depending on the job and your experience levels. Guides, drivers, and serves also have the opportunity for tips, ranging from 2-5% for guides to 20% for waiters. Many employers offer a bonus for good job performance.

Alaska Arrow Sign

Room and Board

Many employers offer free or cheap housing (typically $100-200/month), as well as affordable meal plans and sometimes free food at remote locations. Laundry facilities and supplies may also be included.

NOTE – Those who get Alaska fishing jobs may receive many overtime hours as well as free or very inexpensive room and board.


Most tourism industry employers do not offer reimbursement for travel expenses to and from the job site. Some have discount arrangements with local shuttle service providers. Government agencies have different policies; ask about the details during the interview process.

Discounts and Other Opportunities

Nature, rafting, and fishing guides may receive free or discounted gear, and some companies offer free and discounted tour and other enrichment opportunities (usually as space allows) to their seasonal employees.

And, of course, Alaska seasonal workers have ready access to huge wilderness areas offering a variety of outdoor and backcountry activities for all interests and skill levels. Proximity to nature is one key reason people seek out summer jobs in Alaska.

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