Summer Jobs with Denali Lodges

Summer job candidates with a background in hotel management, natural history, natural science, or recreation are welcome to apply for seasonal work at the resort located at Denali National Park. Job seekers who have experience in carpentry, maintenance, or landscaping are given preference when it comes to hiring decisions.

Many employees return year after year to Denali Lodges, drawn by the serenity of the area and the fact that this employer offers opportunities for advancement within the organization. The summer job season runs from May to mid-September each year.

Examples of Summer Jobs at Denali Lodges

Here are some examples of the types of jobs that are offered at Denali Lodges during the summer months:

  1. Assistant General Site Manager
  2. Baker
  3. Breakfast/Dinner Cook
  4. Breakfast/Lunch Cook
  5. Day Lodge Coordinator
  6. Front Desk Clerk
  7. Front Desk Manager
  8. Guest Services Representative (GSR)/Beginner Naturalist/Guide
  9. General Operations
  10. General Site Manager
  11. Housekeeper
  12. Kitchen Manager/Dinner Cook
  13. Maintenance Manager
  14. Naturalist
  15. Naturalist Lead
  16. Shuttle Driver Jobs

Employee Accommodation and Living Conditions

Employees working at Denali Lodges are provided with accommodation on site. Workers at the Denali Cabins located near the park entrance are charged a daily rate for their room and board, while those employed at Denali Backcountry Lodge have their lodging and meals provided at no extra cost. Denali Cabins employees receive a partial reimbursement of their room and board when the summer work term is completed.

All employees are housed in modified ATCO trailers or canvass wall tents. Each room is equipped with beds (including bedding materials), a closet and a heater. Showers and washrooms are in separate buildings. All employees are expected to pitch in and share in the tasks required for the upkeep of the dining, lounge, bathhouse, and staff housing areas.

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Drug Testing

All candidates who are successful in being hired by Denali Lodges are expected to undergo a drug test before starting work.

All employees may be subject to random drug tests during the summer work term. The employer may also request that the employee submit to a drug and/or alcohol test after an accident or where there is suspicion the employee is using one of these substances.

Open positions at Denali Lodges are posted on the company website. Interested candidates are asked to complete a detailed application for employment online and submit it to the company for consideration. Prospective employees can indicate up to three positions they would like to be considered for.

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