Commercial and Business Banking Jobs

Business/commercial bankers focus exclusively on business customers. The work is much different than with individual customers. Business customers have different goals and objectives than individual customers.Although both types of customers need to maximize cash flow and meet debt obligations, individuals are not responsible for meeting payrolls and other high demands businesses do.

Commercial Banker Sitting with Hands Together

Business bankers must understand the needs of their customers, and be able to work with them to keep their businesses running smoothly. This means that business bankers will need to understand what each business is all about and be able to match bank products and services with the customers’ needs. While this is also the goal of non-business bankers, business bankers become much more involved in the financial aspects of their business customers.

Business bankers look at all of a customer’s financial information from cash flow analysis to long- and short- term debt, and profit and loss statements. Whether the company is publicly owned or private, the business banker analyzes the customer’s financial needs and challenges then assures that the bank’s products will meet or overcome them.

Business bankers will often visit their customers on site and tour their facilities. They will develop a personal relationship with the customer so the customer feels that the banker is working with him or her and the business as a team.
Business/commercial bankers will specialize in small to mid-size businesses, large businesses, or very large commercial accounts. Small business bankers must know Small Business Administration (SBA) lending regulations and policies in order to assist their clients in qualifying for SBA loans. Large business customers will also have needs that are different than small business customers. Large businesses may need large amounts of capital funds for building or research and development of new products. Very large businesses may require even greater amounts of capital funding, as well as payment processing assistance, credit card processing, or other special needs, which is why commercial bankers must specialize to have knowledge which will meet their needs.

Business banking jobs also include processors, customer service representatives, and other support positions, as well as managers and executives.

Like many other positions within the bank, most business bankers are considered sales people for the bank, selling business customers the bank’s loan and other products. People considering this line of business must thrive under a sales environment.

If you enjoy seeing and helping businesses grow and thrive and getting into the nitty gritty of how a business operates, than business banking may be a great career path for you.

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