Personal Banking Jobs

It used to be that only a bank’s wealthiest customers were assigned a personal banker. Today the personal banker does much more for a wider range of people than in the past.

Traditionally, personal bankers work with existing customers, as well as seek to create new customers, by looking at their current and future financial needs and suggesting bank products to meet them. Personal bankers monitor clients’ accounts to make sure loans and payments are going smoothly. If one of their customers has a problem, the customer knows he or she can turn to a personal banker to take care of it. The personal banker will work through the problem with the customer until it is resolved.

Personal Banker shakes the Hand of a Client

Previously, personal bankers only worked in branches. They might also handle loans and loan applications. At some branches personal bankers also open new accounts, close existing accounts, and may also perform some teller functions.

Today personal bankers work at branches, but they might also work with customers on the phone through a call center. Like loan officers, banks today view personal bankers as sales people. They expect their personal bankers to know their bank’s products and be able to match those products to the customers’ needs, from current customers, to potential customers walking in the door.
They want their personal bankers to sell customers new products and services, and maintain good relationships with all of their customers.

Some banks also expect their personal bankers to perform typical sales-generating duties like make cold calls, and network at business events.

As you will read in the following pages dealing specifically with personal banking, the personal banker must enjoy working with people. If you are a people person, have good interpersonal and communication skills, excellent sales skills, and also have a good head for business and banking products, this may be the perfect job opportunity for you. Depending on the bank, personal bankers may make commission or a salary based on sales, and if you are a good sales person, you could earn very good money as a personal banker.

Here are more details about being a personal banker.

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