Online Banking Customer Service Work

Years ago it used to be that branch tellers handled most of a customer’s needs, whether they were asking questions about a statement, deposit, or checking account balance.

Today, branches try to keep teller lines at a minimum in several ways. ATMs helped abate some of the lines at banks. Having customer service reps to handle more detailed or involved transactions also lessened the lines. In most recent years, online banking has also had its impact on bank traffic. However, as we all know, technology does not always function smoothly. People forget their passwords or try signing in with the wrong one multiple times. Glitches in Web sites can create additional problems or hassles.

When an online banking customer experiences a problem with his online transaction, he calls the bank’s online banking customer service number.
The online banking customer service rep answers the customers’ questions. He or she will also try to handle any disputes. The online customer service rep will need to look at what the customer is attempting to do and find a solution to the problem. If a solution is not readily available, the customer service rep must report it to online banking managers. Other duties the online customer service rep performs are helping customers apply for additional banking services, if needed.

Like tellers and customer service representatives in branches, online customer service reps spend most of their day working with people. Sometimes they work with them via telephone, at other times, if the bank offers it, through online chatting. If you do not enjoy interacting with people, you may want to consider other lines of work in the banking industry.

The job outlook for customer service representatives in general is slightly better than the average, and better than for tellers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of all customer service positions in banks is expected to increase 8.7 percent by the year 2018. Keep in mind though, that includes customer service reps who work in branches and other departments.

Educational Requirements

Like tellers, online customer service representatives only need a high school diploma. Most banks offer detailed training to customer service reps, so that not only will they know basic processes, they will also have extensive knowledge of the bank’s online products, and have access to back end online screens which allow them to track a customer’s transactions and correct any problem that is occurring. Most of this is achieved through on the job training.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

The primary knowledge an online customer service rep should have is in-depth knowledge of the bank’s online products, processes, and policies. Online customer service reps must have the knowledge to handle a wide variety of situations with a customer, whether it’s resolving a logon issue or explaining to a customer how online bills are paid.

Since some banks expect customer service reps to sell their products, online customer service reps should be comfortable suggesting various services and products to customers when they are merited.

Online customer service reps need to possess excellent communication, computer, and people skills, as well as organizational skills. They should have basic knowledge of teller functions as well, and the ability to work on all types of office equipment.

Average Salary

The average salary for customer service representatives can vary widely from bank to bank and state to state. The average annual salary of customer service representatives according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is approximately $30,000, but that includes all customer service representatives in the banking industry. Since online or Internet customer service reps need to possess more technical skills and abilities, they may earn a somewhat higher salary.

Potential Career Paths

Depending on the size of the bank, online customer service representatives can be promoted to supervisory positions. Although most banks require managers to have a college degree, if the customer service rep has taken some college courses and has a successful performance record, the rep could be promoted to higher level management positions.

Online customer service representatives could also opt to become reps at other departments in the bank, and eventually be promoted to supervisory and management positions in those departments.

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