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Gone are the days when you had to make a phone call or visit your local branch to get your account balance. Also gone, are the days when you had to write checks to pay your bills. In fact, some experts say the number of people doing their banking online has grown at the amazing rate of 47% since 2002. These experts say that on any given day, 13 million Americans will sign on to their online bank accounts.

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Today, banking customers are not just using the Internet, but also cell phones to do their banking. For example, some banks offer a texting service to their customers. The bank will text them if their checking account balances dip below a designated level. People can know in seconds how much money is in their account and what transactions have just occurred. Across the country, banks are creating new Internet and electronic banking products and services. Departments dedicated to these products and services may be called Internet banking or online banking.

All of this means that banks are continually looking for ways to leverage electronic banking as an income source. That means they need employees who can design new electronic products, those who can manage the development and implementation of those products, and employees who can administer and support them once they are in place. From savvy, creative designers to customer service representatives, Internet banking has created many new jobs in the banking industry.

Job profiled in this section include:

The common denominator for most of these positions is the need to be computer-literate. Even if you are an Internet banking customer service rep, you will need to know how to access and analyze Web pages and information to be able to correct a Web site glitch, sign on problem, etc. Of course new products are developed by an entire team of people: programmers, graphic designers, Web site designers, Internet marketing experts, and in some cases, writers and editors. In addition to having this technical knowledge, team leads and managers will also need to understand banking products, policies, laws, and regulations, especially those pertaining to Internet banking.

Once a product’s design is approved, the team (or a new one) will test it, fix any issues that come to light because of the testing, and then implement it by taking it live. Depending on the product or service, some marketing may be taking place simultaneously during the development process. Then Internet banking service representatives must be trained on the new product or service so they can answer or address customer questions or problems when using it. Keep in mind, some banks may hire outside companies to design their Internet products, but still use in-house employees to coordinate the project and monitor its progress. In addition to working for a bank, you may be able to work for Internet banking product design firms.

Employees may put in many extra hours if a project is behind schedule. These are not low-stress positions. Like Internet banking customers, banks want new products and services available as quickly as possible.

Internet banking employees often work in work groups or teams, and must be able to work well together and communicate with each other. While it can be a technical position, people skills are still needed for an employee to be effective.

Many technical employees are expected to have or earn certifications, and keep them current through continuing education.  There is a position at every level, from entry-level to executives. Whether you are a designer, programmer, administrator, or project manager, there are Internet banking positions available for you. If Internet banking is something that attracts you, you enjoy long-term projects, challenges, and working in a fast-paced environment, then working in a bank’s Internet banking department may be a good choice for you.

Here are the facts and figures you need to know about the most common jobs in Internet banking departments at banks.

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