Introduction to Nursing

Want to be trusted? Get a nursing job. A recent Gallup Poll revealed that nurses were voted number one for “honesty and ethical standards of various professions.” But even though the public at large trusts them, the nursing profession is still in many ways not understood.

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The media stereotype of nursing – eyes down, wearing a cap, subservient to doctors, doing little more than following orders and taking care of bedpans – is just that, a stereotype.

Nurses are in huge demand. There is an ongoing shortage of nurses in the United States and elsewhere. There hasn’t been a better time to be looking for a nursing job.

The nursing jobs section of JobMonkey covers: nursing schools, nursing programs, the extensive nursing shortage caused by a faculty shortage and facilities limitations, and ways to conduct an effective nursing job search. Learn how to create a nursing resume, write a cover letter to prospective nurse employers, and make the most of nursing job interviews.

There are many different kinds of nursing jobs, such as: nurse anesthetist jobs, nurse executives, traveling nurse jobs, mental health nurses, and school nurses. We tell you about nursing pay and the pluses and minuses of each kind of nursing career so you can decide which career track to follow.

Why work as a nurse? There are many great reasons to pursue nurse employment. Nursing jobs offer the ability to work condensed workweeks and can have more than the standard two days off. Do you like to travel? You can be get a traveling RN job! Traveling nurses can spend weeks and months working outside of the U.S. making good money and enjoying new experiences.

On the following pages of JobMonkey, you will find lots of essential information related to becoming and working as a nurse. No matter if you are just starting to research the idea of being an RN or registered nurse or you are already a registered nurse looking for additional opportunities, you should read this material. For schooling information also check out accredited online nursing degree possibilities, which are becoming more widely available.

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It is not just nursing jobs, you may also want to consider a job as a physician’s assistant (PA) or any other job in the medical field you will find our nursing jobs section useful.

Nurses are also in demand on cruise ships. So if you are interested in working on a cruise ship as a nurse JobMonkey has you covered. Read about nursing careers on the following pages.

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