Cost of Attending Nursing School

The price difference between a BSN degree from an Ivy League university and an associate degree from your local community college is in the tens of thousands of dollars, so price can be an important consideration.

Schooling to Become a Nurse can Vary Widely in Cost, Consider all your Options

But there are many, many grants and scholarships and loan forgiveness programs for nursing students. Try looking at sites like for awards – and other sites. These are worth investigating before you even begin looking at nursing schools, do you don’t automatically eliminate a nursing school just because the tuition seems too high for your budget.

When consider your overall budget, remember that nursing school has other costs besides tuition. Of course, the most obvious is decreased income if you have to cut down on your hours at work to shoehorn school into your schedule. RELATED TIP: Try comparing the cost of a distance learning nursing degree to traditional classroom learning programs. Don’t forget to calculate, or at least consider things like nursing uniforms, books, fees, extra daycare costs and meals you will end up eating out instead preparing at home.

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