School Nurses

Okay, so now you have some idea of what type of nursing programs you’d like to investigate. What next?

First, check out the more comprehensive guides to nursing schools.

There are books that contain this information, but since it’s not 1995, you’ll probably be using the Web for your initial investigation!

And since nursing school can be expensive, you may need college financial aid.

School Nurses Help Students with Minor Medical Issues While at School

It may be possible to get private scholarships and/or government grants and loans to help finance your nursing degree.

Look at to learn the ins and outs of financial aid. Two of the best nursing school websites are and

The former contains information about – you guessed it – almost all the nursing schools currently in operation in the U.S. and information about some schools outside of the U.S. too. Their search function is very useful and allows you to narrow down your choices by degree offered, geographic area, and accreditation. And they have a nice little function that enables you to sign up to have the nursing school send you information about their program. They have lots of helpful articles about nursing school and nursing careers that are worth checking out. is funded by Johnson and Johnson and encourages young people (and not so young people) to go into nursing. You can search for a nursing program by geographical area (including state or region), type of degree offered, enrollment size, private/public institution, and whether they offer online options. Another nice feature of is the scholarship search and the inspirational "profiles in nursing," which are sprinkled throughout the site. Also, if you’re trying to avoid being old and gray before you even begin nursing school (or don’t want to be older or grayer as the case may be) check out their "nursing schools without a waiting list" section.

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