New York Nurse Jobs

For many nurses, New York City is one of most desired locations to practice. New York nurse jobs are popular, in part, due to the breadth and quality of health care facilities in the New York area.

Nursing Jobs in New York City are Highly Sought After

A recent U.S. News & World Report‘s
annual survey ranked 173 New York/North New Jersey hospitals in the top fifty in the U.S. for a number of different specialties.

Of course, the breadth and quality of New York’s cultural offerings also add to the attraction for nurses who want quality time off as well as on the job. Because of this, competition for nursing jobs may be somewhat greater in New York City than in other areas.

Some New York nurses maintain that attending school and therefore having exposure to New York facilities through their clinical practice was a very effective way of networking to break into the New York nursing market.

Nurses who wish to break into this nursing market might also consider starting their practice in one of the many health care facilities located in the outer boroughs (e.g., Brooklyn or Queens) where jobs are more easily found. Also, because Manhattan housing is so much more expensive than outer borough housing, choosing a hospital that is less centrally located may make the search for reasonably priced housing close to work an easier one.

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