Planning For Your Nursing Job Search

As much as those of who practically live online are loath to admit it, paper and ink newspapers actually do still exist, although much of their content can usually be found online.

Nursing Job Searches Require Prospective Nurses to be Dedicated to the Search, Since it won't be Easy

So it’s worth a quick check of the classified employment ads in your local or regional newspaper to see if there are any particularly enticing nursing job ads to respond to.

But the nurse jobs advertised through general newspaper classified ads usually represent only a small fraction of the nursing jobs available in any region. This is especially true in geographical areas that are covered by regional nursing career magazines such as and, both hard copy magazines that have awesome nursing websites.

Newspaper classifieds can provide valuable insight into the state of the current nursing job market in your region and can provide some job leads. However, reading and responding to these types of ads should represent only the tiniest tip of your job-search iceberg.

Ready to get a job? The following pages focus on your job search, from resumes and cover letters to acing job interviews:


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