Oil & Gas Industry Introduction

The oil and gas – or petroleum – industry is truly multinational. In every newspaper, just about every day there are articles about some aspect of the petroleum industry. One can learn from reading these articles that the majority of the world’s oil comes from places in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, the United States, Russia, Canada, and Iraq.

Despite the global nature of the industry, the types of jobs are very similar regardless of where in the world you are.

With the rise of China and India demand for refined petroleum has never been higher. Gas prices are high and rising, as demand outstrips supply. Oil companies are forced to find ways to extract more oil from known reserves and to find new ways of getting oil. In Canada, for instance, they have found a way to remove oil from what are called ‘oil sands’ in Alberta. There is ongoing talk in the United States about opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to exploration and drilling. Additionally, more offshore rigs may be built and put into operation.

Pumpjack Worker Poses for Photo

In short: the need for workers is fairly high now but it could be far higher in the coming years.

JobMonkey’s “Oil and Gas Industry Jobs” section is designed to help you understand where the jobs are, the types of jobs available, the different sectors within the petroleum industry, and who the major employers are worldwide.

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Additionally, we have a great glossary of terms common to the petroleum industry.

Our focus at JobMonkey is primarily on employment at onshore and offshore oil rigs, with pipeline operations and at oil refineries.

After reading this material, you’ll be more conversant on the petroleum industry and better able to know if these jobs are right for you.

Although, we provide you a good overview about job opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry, if you would like more detailed oil industry employment information and detailed oil employer profiles, you should also check out www.OilJobFinder.com.

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