October 26, 2017

What Are The Scariest Jobs in The World?

What scares you? Heights? Spiders? Snakes? Enclosed places? Blood and guts? Clowns? Dead people? Germs? Mortal danger? Birds? Flying? Insects? Natural disasters? Something else? Everyone is scared of something and that’s ok. But when you’re hunting for a job, we recommend trying to find a job that doesn’t freak you out too much.

A creepy graveyard in front of a haunted house

The world is full of jobs that people find scary, creepy, spooky, dangerous, awful, gruesome, disturbing, and downright frightening. After scouring our vast industry and jobs guides, we did our best to compile a list of some of the scariest jobs in the world.

Below you’ll find a selection of some of the scariest jobs in the world:

Can you imagine doing any of these jobs for a living? Someone, somewhere is likely being paid to do these “scary” jobs right now. Some people will thrive in these professions, while others might faint. Do you have what it takes to be work one of the scariest jobs? That’s for you to decide.

Can you think of any scary jobs that we should add to this list? Since everyone is scared of different things, your personal list of the scariest jobs in the world might consist of different occupations that truly strike fear in your heart. Before you start applying for jobs, determine what scares you and eliminate those career paths ASAP.

Learn more about the scariest jobs in the world (and other jobs that aren’t very scary at all) on JobMonkey.com today.

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