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High-rise buildings are amazing feats of architecture. They tower above us on our way to work. Thousands of people work in these buildings and many are lucky enough to have an office with a view. But what happens when those windows get dirty? Someone has to clean high-rise buildings to make them glisten and shine. They are high-rise window washers.

Window Cleaning Offers Great Views for those not Afraid of Heights

High-rise window washers clean windows of tall buildings. They can’t be afraid of heights and have to have a keen eye for detail – their lives depend on it.

Washing windows is a risky career that takes place all over the world.

Every window gets dirty. There is always work for a window washer. Window washer teams work outside of buildings on small platforms or they work solo on bosun chairs, which are small rope supported chairs. It’s an office view that is breathtaking – a bird’s eye view few people ever glimpse.

Window washers clean millions of square feet of glass without leaving a single streak. When they are done, they leave buildings sparkly and shiny. Every building looks cool when it glistens in the sun. Thank a window washer for that. It’s a never-ending job, as there are windows everywhere. If a ladder can’t reach a window, a high-rise window washer must wash it.

Many associate the job with rock climbing for a paycheck. Window cleaners are experts with knots, ropes, safety harnesses, and rappelling. It’s a lot like being an urban mountaineer when a window washer anchors in and rappels off a roof with cleaning supplies like pressure sprayers, water, soap, squeegees, and safety equipment.

A window washer has a challenging, dangerous profession. They can never cut corners and must always look out for themselves. Accidents happen – scaffolding breaks, ropes wear thin, rigging mistakes occur. Some things can’t be helped – dangerous gusts of winds tilting platforms to dangerous angles, seasonal bugs crashing into faces, or peregrine falcons attacking scalps. There are no safety nets and falls are often deadly. But when dangling hundreds of feet above the ground, the thrill of this job will be understood. If this sounds interesting then read about rope access jobs in another section of JobMonkey.

Window washers start the day early and work until the afternoon. They must have good light to clean windows properly. They work year round, except it may be seasonal in especially cold places. They have to plan the day because bathroom and lunch breaks are hard to make when you’re 50-stories high and outdoors. At that height, it’s dangerous to drop anything on innocent pedestrians below.

Finding work as a window washer isn’t too hard. Check Google or the Yellow Pages for window washing services. Apply directly with a certified window washing company. Be sure that they have a good safety record and offer training. Certification is through the International Window Cleaning Association. The IWCA ensures safety standards of companies and certifies window washers as High-Rise Specialists. Certification may not be mandatory, but is a very good idea.

Window washers have a very dangerous career. It’s challenging to deal with the environment and the architectural designs of buildings. Window washing services are pricey. A 25-story building can cost $100,000 to clean two times per year. The world’s tallest building is Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. It has 160 floors – imagine the window cleaning price tag on that. The job is expensive and time consuming. On average window washers make $10 to $25 per hour, plus they have the world’s best office views.

High-rise window washing is a job that is here to stay. There are buildings from Phoenix to New York that need cleaning. It’s challenging work that demands the utmost respect for safety. Window washers get magnificent, stunning views and their work results in cool, shiny buildings.

Quick Facts About Window Washing Jobs

Job Title: Window Washer
Office: Dangling from high rises and skyscrapers
Description: Cleans windows hundreds of feet above the ground
Certifications/Education: No formal education required.
Necessary Skills: Attention to detail, Not afraid of heights
Potential Employers: Window washing companies
Pay: $50,000 per year

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