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“Your life should be fun, and if it isn’t fun, you should change it.” Bill Resler, girls’ basketball coach at Roosevelt High School in Seattle, Washington, believes this, knows it, teaches it, lives it. He’s also the star of the award-winning documentary film, “Heart of the Game.” Resler has an ultra-rewarding sports career and so can you!

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“The prerequisite of a high school coach is being crazy,” says Director Ward Serrill. In the case of Coach Resler, it works. Says Serrill, “His players had raw passion and run-like-hell energy. They had more pure passion and enthusiasm than any other team in any other sport I’d ever seen.” Resler (Bill to his players) brought them together on the court for an Inner Circle – a huddle that got them close, made them a team unit and fired them up with motivation. But what is the true secret of the inner circle? Keeping the families out of the game, says Bill. He drilled physical contact into timid city teenagers, taught them to be aggressive and turned them into wolves, the only creatures that would hold their ground and “Look into their eyes.” But through all the work and sweat and tears and personal trauma, he “lets them blossom” and play to the end. “A hot game,” says the coach, “is about having the most fun you can have in a game.”

It can hardly be argued that people all around the world love their sports. Many people have played sports at the recreational level beginning at age five or six and continuing through high school. Those who really love athletics, however, find ways to stay involved even if their own playing days are over.

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To earn money in athletics people can work part-time, recreational sports jobs or start down a career track in coaching or athletics administration of one kind or another. The range of opportunities is nearly endless.

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Moviemaker Ward Serrill calls this generation of kids “powerful, infectious, compelling.” Athletes are breaking world records. Everyday, more people everywhere are discovering active recreation and caring about physical fitness. On this web site, you’ll learn about the many opportunities for jobs in athletics. New technology, new media and entrepreneurs are inventing whole new career fields in sports and athletics right now.

The prerequisite for a career in sports is passion. Using our sports careers section maybe you’ll find that special job that you’ve always wanted.

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