Become the Dude Ranch Chef!

There is a large demand for seasonal cooks and seasonal chefs in the dude and guest ranch industry. Some who take seasonal chef jobs will work summer months at a ranch in Colorado and then move to a ranch in Arizona for fall and winter. The schedule works out quite well.

Remember, some dude ranches may offer gourmet grub while others offer full on western meals. Yup … every ranch is different!

At the same time, everyone likes to eat, and some of the best memories that folks bring home are based on the food that they enjoy.

Guest Ranch Chef Poses for Photo

Seasonal Chef Job Responsibilities

  • Preparation, presentation, and timely delivery of three meals per day including cookouts and appetizers before some meals
  • Menu planning (Note: what this means varies widely among ranches)
  • Planning and preparing various therapeutic diets
  • Managing and maintaining food inventory
  • Meeting with vendors to order inventory
  • Cost control & managing budget
  • Maintaining of a clean work space
  • Proper food handling, cooling, and storage regime
  • Supervising all staff assisting in the kitchen
  • Lots of interaction with guests, which may include sharing your kitchen with guests who like to cook, or teaching classes

Job Requirements

  • Experience is preferred, however an good line cook or prep cook can be trained for this position
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Able to lift and carry 85 pounds a minimum of 100 feet while at altitudes exceeding 8,000 feet

Hey, if working as a chef or cook at a dude ranch seems like too much for you to handle, then keep in mind that beach resorts and other types of resorts and spas hire resort food service workers all the time. There are lots of options for you!


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