Winery Finance Jobs

If you excel at numbers and are still daydreaming about the cases of wine you can bring home if you work for this industry but are more of an indoors type of person, maybe a winery finance job better suits you.

One of the highest finance jobs in the wine industry is called the controller. This person will be in charge of preparing annual business plans, monthly financial reports, and manage credit as well as collection activities. Further, this position is in charge of creating controls and policies over inventory management, performing profitability analysis, and supporting the overall administration.

If you are just about to join the workforce, this is a position to set as a goal. The requirements are extensive and typically will include a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or another related field, CPA or MBA preferred, and 5+ years experience in the distribution industry (beverage industry preferred).The qualities an ideal candidate will possess are strong interpersonal skills, will be team oriented, self-directed, organized, and have strong leadership skills. However, all of this experience and skills do not go to waste. reports an average salary of $98,700-$105,000 and actually quotes an insider that believes this position is underpaid.

The position of vineyard accountant helps to support the controller with some of the more technical duties. The job responsibilities of this position include monthly general ledger processing, departmental expense analysis, as well as budgeting and planning. Requirements for this position are a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Finance or another related field, 3+ years in a similar position, proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel, CPA preferred, and SAP preferred for most vineyards. As with most accountant jobs, the qualities necessary to fill this position are attention to detail, ability to handle confidential information, strong verbal and written communication skills, ability to interact with employees at all different levels, and project management skills. Starting salaries should be in line with other accounting jobs (around $40,000 according to, but will vary of course by vineyard or winery.

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