Winery Operations

Administrative and Entry-Level Jobs

Even wineries need administrative personnel! If you have a knack for filing, answering phones, or other exciting tasks, this may be your way to break into the wine industry. Here are some entry level wine industry jobs that would be easy to start in and work your way up to a great wine industry career.

A winery receptionist is a position that is always in need. The duties will be similar to receptionist duties in any other field: answering phones, faxing, copying, filing, emailing, stocking office supplies, and other administrative duties. Most wineries look for the qualifications of computer proficiency (Microsoft Word/Excel/Outlook), some knowledge of wines, self-motivated, strong customer service skills, ability to prioritize, and previous administrative experience. The pay varies greatly, but expect it to stay similar to other fields. Typically it will range from $9 to $12 per hour and health benefits may or may not be available.

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A winery administrative assistant is another position that will constantly be a must. This position will do similar duties to the receptionist, although some will be more extensive. Some of the additional responsibilities include scheduling of tours and tastings, expense reports, coordinating with outside vendors, and maintaining and managing the file system.The requirements for this position prefer a Bachelor’s degree, proficiency with Microsoft Word/Excel/Outlook, excellent organizational skills, and excellent written and verbal communication skills. This position (dependant on the company and educational background of the candidate) can make anywhere around $30,000-$40,000 per year.

Winery office supervisors/managers are in charge of all the administrative staff. Their duties include the hiring, training and supervision of all general administration. They also are responsible for budgeting and planning for their specific department. Most wineries look to hire someone with at least 5+ years experience in the administrative portion of the wine industry and a Bachelor’s degree focused in business or another related degree. The most qualified candidate will possess excellent leadership skills, strong verbal and written communication and high organizational skills. According to, this position can expect to bring in about $50,500 per year.

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