Wine Schools

Schools offering Bachelor’s Degrees

The first school that offers an extensive Viticulture/Enology program is Washington State University.
For additional details on the core classes, scholarships, student financial aid and how to apply, check out this link below.

To hear testimonials from students that have completed or are in the process of completing this program, check out this video:

The next school to offer a Viticulture and Enology program is Cornell University of New York. Isn’t it convenient that all the schools are in the major wine producing states? Click the link below for additional information on applications and the impacts of this university program:

Moving on to California schools that offer a Viticulture/Enology degree, Fresno State has a few different options to choose from. This school offers a Bachelor’s degree in Enology and Viticulture, M.S. (Masters of Science) in Viticulture/Enology, certificate of special study in Enology, and a certificate of special study in Sustainable Viticulture. For more information on the differences between the degrees and required classes, follow the link below:

Sonoma State University has an interesting program because it is offered under the Business Administration program with a concentration in Wine Business Strategies. If you know that stomping grapes isn’t in your future but you would enjoy the business aspect of the wine industry, this Bachelor’s degree may be for you. Check out this website for more information on classes offered and the application process.


Last but certainly not least, UC Davis continues to offer a multitude of programs for Viticulture and Enology. As one of the schools that are credited for bringing U.S. wine back through research, it maintains its reputation throughout each year.

Although there are other schools that offer programs, most are within the main wine states. However, here is an article that projects a program coming soon to the Midwest through Rend Lake College.

For those pursuing a degree in other parts of the world, here is a fantastic resource. This webpage lists by country all the different options of schooling.

Schools offering Certificates

Northwest Wine Academy through South Seattle Community College offers three main certificate courses: wine making certificates, wine marketing and sales certificates, and food and wine pairing certificates. Follow the link below for additional information.

The next certificate school is Santa Rosa Junior College which offers both wine certifications as well as associates degrees with concentrations in Enology, Wine Service/Hospitality, and Wine Business/Marketing.

Finally, Walla Walla Community College of Washington also offers a certificate of Wine Marketing and Management. Check out this link to gain additional information.

Sommelier Schools

These are considered wine education or sommelier schools. This means that the students will learn how wine is produced and how different influences during that process can ultimately affect the flavor. For the novice wine job seekers, a sommelier would work in a restaurant and essentially be the “wine expert.” They would keep the wine cellars stocked, as well as suggest certain wines that would pair well with the menu for the owners and for the guests. The Art Institutes of Atlanta, Tampa and Washington all offer a Wine, Beverage and Spirits Program which gives this specific certification.

The Sommelier Society of America offers a 20 week program in which you taste over 120 wines to understand how to distinguish between them. It also teaches the best ways to pair wine with food. Follow this link for additional information:

The United States Sommelier Association also offers a sommelier certificate course. Check out this website for further information:

Finally, the last type of school is the “fun” school. This school, the Wine Spectator School, is part of the magazine Wine Spectator. For this school, all classes are done online and are usually done to gain advanced wine knowledge for the average consumer. However, many wine retail shops use this as a certification for their employees. The classes can be taken individually or as a group. For more information, check out this website:

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