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The world is hungry for power. Whether that energy comes from oil and gas or from wind, solar, or other sources – there’s a global demand for energy. Consequently, there are always jobs available!

Tap into the employment pipeline with the help of JobMonkey. Find the latest job listings from the world’s leading employers as well as tips for getting a job, pay scale information, and more.

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Oil and Gas Industry Jobs

Oil rig jobs, oil pipeline jobs, oil sands jobs, and other energy related employment in the U.S. and abroad. Search all the latest jobs.

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Natural Energy Jobs

The natural energy field is booming – there’s a shortage of workers. Discover wind, solar, and other renewable and clean energy careers.

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Roughneck Jobs

Being an oil rig roughneck or roustabout isn’t easy but the pay makes up for it. Learn about the work and find the latest postings.

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Wind Farm Jobs

Wind farms create both natural energy and jobs! Discover jobs in the wind power industry, including entry-level positions.

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Solar Power Installation Jobs

The solar power industry has taken off. Earn great pay as a solar panel installer – commercial and residential. Do you have the skills?

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Canadian Oil Sands Jobs

Canada’s oil sands industry needs people – engineers, truck drivers, equipment operators, and more. We break it all down.

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