Entry-Level Jobs

Where Will Your Career Path Begin?

Everybody starts somewhere. If you want to get your foot in the door, build your resume, and climb the ladder, the best thing to do is find an entry-level job that will allow you to kick start your career.

Entry-level jobs are an ideal access point into the working world. When you find the right entry-level job, it can be the launchpad you need to begin a successful career path. Even if you have zero experience and limited skill sets, you can still land a cool entry-level job – if you look in the right places.

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One of the best places to find entry-level jobs is in the world of cool and seasonal jobs. In the following pages, you’ll learn about cool entry-level jobs in the following niches:

Seeking entry-level employment opportunities is an exciting time in your life. Before you start applying for jobs, you need to do your research. Determine what you want to do with your life. Define your long-term goals. Try to design a life that you will love. Then it’s time to find an entry-level job that will be a stepping stone that will help you achieve great things.

When you’re searching for an entry-level job, find something that you enjoy like:

If you’re keen to find an entry-level job, explore JobMonkey’s Entry Level Jobs section. This invaluable resource will guide you on the path to success in the working world. By highlighting jobs, employers, niches, and relevant entry-level job advice, you’ll be able to find the best entry-level job for you. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the fast track to success.

Explore these entry-level job options below.

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College Internships

Find your way to unpaid and paid internship opportunities, including summer internships for college students, medical internships, and more. Learn what it’s like to be an intern and how to maximize the experience.

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Alaska Fishing Jobs

Yes, a number of skippers will hire “greenhorns” to work as deckhands on Alaska fishing boats. They are mostly interested in hard workers who will work well with the rest of the crew.

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Oil Industry Roughneck Jobs

The true entry level jobs on an oil rig are Roughneck or Roustabout. Learn more about what it takes to get an entry-level job in the oil industry.

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Video Game Testing Jobs

Video game testers work with pre-released video games to find, report, and fix flaws, bugs, and errors in the game. This job allows you to play video games and get paid for it.

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Ski Resort Jobs

Ski resorts hiring thousands of workers each fall to run the operations at the ski resort. Many of these jobs are entry-level jobs and are a great way to spend a winter.

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Summer Jobs

Many of the jobs in our Summer Jobs Section are entry-level jobs. We cover all types of jobs from Theme Parks to Summer Camps to Resort Jobs…

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