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Stop! You’re in the wrong place if you’re looking for ordinary old jobs. This is JobMonkey’s Odd and Unusual Jobs category page, where you’ll find employment opportunities ranging from digging dinosaur bones and interpreting to photographing models.

Check out what’s below – you’ll find the latest job listings and links to popular JobMonkey content.

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Cool and Unique Jobs

Looking for some really cool and unique jobs? We have a whole section full of cool jobs.  These are really fun to explore and many people have gotten jobs that they hardly even knew existed.

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Video Jobs

Camera operators and videographers are in demand. Find video jobs online, in film and TV, and with news organizations. Search now.

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Archaeology Jobs

Become an archaeologist. Explore career paths in archaeology, from government work to bioarchaeology and underwater archaeology.

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Pyrotechnic Jobs

Have you ever wanted to be a pyrotechnician? These are cool, highly specialized jobs. Learn what it takes to break into the field.

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Museum Jobs

Explore jobs with museums: archivists, curators, naturalists, and more. We share job search tips, associations, & job listings.

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Photography Jobs

Launch a career in photography! Advertising, fashion, sports, weddings. Freelance and in-house jobs. Learn how to get started.

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