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Do you daydream about traveling to far-flung locales? Do you have what it takes to pack your bags and move to a foreign country to find work? If working abroad sounds appealing to you, then you absolutely must dive in and explore JobMonkey’s Working Overseas Employment section. This is the ultimate resource for international job seekers.

Cool and Unique Jobs Around the World

In the following pages, you’ll learn everything you need to know about working abroad. Did you know that every day people get paid to work abroad as:

Sounds fun, right? This can be your reality, if you want it to be. It’s not hard to work abroad as long as your passport is up-to-date and you are able to organize a work visa, working holiday visa, or employer sponsorship before you go. You’ll learn all about these topics in JobMonkey’s in-depth working overseas section.

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What’s your destination of choice? Would you prefer the mountains of Chile? The exotic beaches of Fiji? The cultural experience of Vietnam? The wild jungles of Colombia? The bustling metropolises of Europe? The fertile valleys of South Africa? Or some other exciting place that makes your heart, mind, and soul smile? The world is a big place and it deserves to be explored. Where do you plan to work first?

There are work abroad opportunities just about everywhere. Finding an international job opportunity is a smart career move. There’s something magical about working, living, and playing in a foreign country. Whether you find a full-time, paid job or a volunteer opportunity, working abroad is a total game changer. Not only will you have life changing experiences and make friends from all over the world, but you will also grow as a person, build your resume, and become a more interesting global citizen.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of working overseas, then please take the time to explore the JobMonkey Working Overseas section. You’ll learn about:

JobMonkey’s Working Overseas content is available 24/7. Stop by to research work abroad options and apply for a huge selection of international job opportunities. Enjoy!

Explore these work abroad options below.

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Volunteering Overseas

Volunteering is popular in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Opportunities include disaster relief, conservation, youth volunteering.

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English Teaching Jobs Section Photo Button

Teaching English Abroad

Teach basic English in Asia, Greece, or Eastern Europe. No previous experience or teaching degree needed. Explore top destinations.

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Europe Jobs Section Photo Button

Jobs in Europe

Find work in Western, Eastern and Central Europe teaching English, working in tourism, oil and mining, or even agricultural industries.

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Work Abroad Overview

Experienced expats talk about working abroad. Learn ways to find cheap lodging, arrange transportation, and get work visas.

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Non Profit Section Photo Button

Non-Profit Jobs

Employment opportunities abound in the non profit sector. Stay home or go abroad. Get our complete overview, search jobs.

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Peace Corps Section Photo Button

Peace Corps Jobs

Make a difference to lives abroad as a Peace Corps volunteer. Learn about the opportunities and how to apply.

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