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If you could do anything, what would you do? Take a minute and give this question some serious thought. Your answer is kind of important. In fact, how you respond could be life-changing. If you’re keen to turn your passion into your profession, you’ve come to the right place. JobMonkey is here to help you find a job that you enjoy.

The world is filled with cool jobs in amazing places. Your work options are endless. Pick a career path that will excite you to go to work every day. When you open your eyes to the different opportunities that you can choose from, you’ll be blown away by all of the cool ways that you can earn a paycheck.

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Everyone defines cool differently and that’s just fine. The key to finding a cool job is defining what you think is cool. Follow your passions and work won’t even seem like work. Whether you want to live the vacation, travel the globe, save the planet, play in the great outdoors, or earn a monster paycheck, there is a job out there that is perfect for you – and JobMonkey is here to help you find it.

JobMonkey’s massive online library of cool job info shines the spotlight on some of the coolest jobs on Earth. Search through our selection of cool jobs profiles and information to get an insider’s perspective on different gigs that you’ll enjoy. Then when you find the right job, you can browse through thousands of job openings listed by cool employers located all over the planet. You can do all of this and more on JobMonkey right now!

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JobMonkey is here to get you started on your cool career path. No matter who you are or where you’re located, there is a cool job waiting for you. Use the following pages and explore the links to learn more about cool jobs. Are you ready to choose your own adventure?

Explore these cool job options below.

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Cruise Ship Jobs

Your dream job on a cruise ship awaits! Cruise lines are hiring all over the world. Search jobs and learn how to get hired.

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Destination Resort Jobs

Break into the resort industry – work in Hawaii, the Caribbean, or another top destination. Learn how. Plus – job openings galore.

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Video Game Industry Jobs

Techies and video game lovers: your job awaits in the gaming industry! We have jobs from the most famous and up-and-coming employers!

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Jobs for Divers

Working as a diver is one of the ultimate cool jobs. Explore opportunities, learn how to get certified, and what diving jobs are like.

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Truly Unique Jobs

Unique jobs are what JobMonkey is all about! Here’s where you’ll find hundreds of job profiles unlike most others. Weird, odd, and rewarding!

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Event Jobs

Work at cool music and sporting events worldwide, from the Olympics and FIFA World Cup to Bonnaroo and Glastonbury. We show you how.

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Dolphin Trainer Feeding a Dolphin

Jobs with Animals

If you love animals, then why not make a living working around them? From dog walking to pet grooming, we explain the opportunities.

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Tour Guide Jobs

Tour guides work on buses, trains, and even small ships. Earn a base and tips, seasonally or year-round. Learn the trade right now!

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Chef Jobs

Learn about chef jobs and cooking careers. Plus – schooling, job descriptions, and pay info. Search jobs with top employers worldwide.

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Casino & Gambling Jobs

Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Tahoe…casinos are in cool places, and they’re hiring thousands. We explain the jobs and how to get them.

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Wine Industry Jobs Section Photo Button

Wine Jobs

Get a job in the wine industry. Tasting room and winemaking jobs, sommelier and vineyard jobs. Learn where to find winery employment.

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Social Media Jobs

Almost every employer is hiring for social media positions right now. We have the hottest social media jobs with the best companies.

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