Classified and Certified Staff Jobs

Many other people are needed to effectively run a school besides the regular and special education classroom teachers. Some roles are for classified staff while others are for certified staff. Classified staff consists of school employees that do not need certification or licensure to be qualified for the job. Meanwhile, certified staff must have certificate that proves they have obtained the necessary credentials and knowledge for the position.

Teachers must either be certified or working towards certification in the public school system. There are also certified roles that are not typical teacher positions. Some educators find that they love working with students, but desire a different role than a traditional classroom teacher. Positions like the school librarian, guidance counselor, or school psychologist allow educators to closely work with students and provide them with meaningful life skills.

There are several classified positions that also allow people to instruct students. Substitutes complete the daily tasks of a teacher who is absent. Teacher aides can provide instruction under the guidance of a certified teacher. Both of these positions provide direct teaching opportunities with students. However, the standard education degree is not required. Both of these classified positions are good stepping stones into the position of a certified teacher.

Many other classified positions are needed for the school to run smoothly. The classified staff is an integral part of the school environment. They form relationships with the students and model teamwork and good citizenship. However, they are not involved in an instructional manner. Maintenance and custodial, cafeteria, transportation, health providers and clerical positions are all essential to the school. Some schools also employ security workers. Many of the classified positions are available on a part-time basis. Some people are able to combine two classified positions like bus driver and cafeteria worker to create a full-time position.

Health providers must have appropriate education and credentials prior to appointment. Otherwise, the majority of classified positions require on the job training.

For some, like the food service and transportation workers, their work year follows the ten month school calendar. Other positions like clerical and maintenance workers tend to work year round. The pay for classified positions varies and usually increases with experience. Classified staff usually have their own union separate from the one attended by the teachers.

Students often know the classified staff by name and look forward to the friendly faces that greet them each day on the bus, in the cafeteria line, and in the hallways.

For more information on classified positions visit the following.

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