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A teacher may be hired to teach at a private school without state certification. Private schools often hire teachers with subject experience. For example, an English major without teaching certification may be hired for a high school position. This flexibility makes private schools a good option for already educated individuals to experience the realm of teaching.

Private school teachers may have more freedom with curriculum and lesson planning since they are not held to government regulations. Private schools can offer more specialized courses and incorporate religion into their curriculum.

School Teacher working with Student

Class sizes are typically smaller in private school settings. Parents are often drawn to private schools which can guarantee a smaller teacher to student ratio. Most teachers find it is easier to effectively teach a smaller number of students. This also means less classroom management issues.

Less diversity is present in private schools. While many private schools stress the importance of diversity, they are still drawing students from an application process where tuition or scholarships are required.

There is less school violence in private schools. This may correlate with the fact that private schools, unlike public schools, can be selective with the students they accept. Students are bound to contract law. If a student breaks a behavior requirement found in the contract, he or she will be forced to leave the school.

While it depends on the individual school, teachers in private schools typically earn less money and have smaller benefit packages. A teacher with less than five years of experience typically earns US$30,707 a year according to the Independent School Association of Central States.

Less bureaucracy in the school system is a reason many private school teachers enjoy their position according to Rich Heintz, editor at Private school teachers often are able to form close relationships with administrators. With smaller school size and less regulations, private school teachers tend to have their issues handled in a time efficient manner.

Private schools often boast better facilities and school supplies as they have more flexibility with their spending options. Students are frequently required to buy their own books at the beginning of the school year.

Benefit packages at private schools often involve a retirement plan, health insurance, sick leave and professional development opportunities. An additional benefit is private school’s employees are usually offered free or reduced tuition for their own children.
Private school teachers do not belong to a union unlike most public school teachers.

The following are helpful resources for those pursuing teaching in private schools.

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