Where to Find Teaching Work

Once you have your cover letter and resume ready to personalize, you are ready to search for possible job openings. Use as many methods as possible to widen your chances of finding the perfect position.

As soon as you are aware of an opening, submit your application. Show that you are eager for the position.

Networking is a key method. Make sure everyone you know is aware of your job search. Keep in contact with past teachers from your classroom experiences. If you are substitute teaching make sure to express your desire for a full-time position. Consider volunteering in your local schools for more experience and personal connections.

Online searches are another essential method. Sites like JobMonkey are outstanding resources for a job search. Also, check your state department of education to see if they have a education job posting board. Find sites that work best for your region and area of expertise and visit them regularly.

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Also, check with your college or university’s career development center. They may receive notice of job openings by schools that are interested in candidates from that specific institution.

Career development centers should also inform you of upcoming job fairs. While some job fairs require a fee to participate, they are an excellent opportunity to share your resume with a large number of potential employers. Usually, mostly local schools are represented at the fair. However, districts from across the country that have a high demand for new teachers will often send a representative. Also, high-need districts often host their own fairs. While you may have to travel, the odds of landing a position are usually strong.

Another option is to apply directly to districts where you are interested in teaching even if they do not have any current openings. This shows the administrators you have a strong desire to teach in the district.

Check the district’s website for a teacher application. If one is not available, call the board of education and request a copy. Including an application along with your teaching cover letter and resume makes a professional statement.

While the thought of filling out multiple applications is daunting, once you complete a few, the process speeds up. The information requested and essay questions are typically similar between schools. It is also good practice for job interviews.

Send your information via postal mail or drop it off personally. A personal drop off may even lead to a short discussion with an administrator. Make sure to dress professional at the chance of such a meeting. When you leave, you will have made a connection and a positive impression on someone in the district.

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