Teacher Jobs Overseas

There is a wealth of job opportunities for United States educators to teach in other countries. Positions are available for full-time employment or summer opportunities. Sometimes the work is completed as a volunteer service through an organization.

Other times, impressive wages can be earned.

International schools typically look for teachers with a bachelor’s degree and teaching certification. Preference is often given to teachers who already have classroom teaching experience.

Many overseas education jobs are for teachers to teach English as a second language to students of various ages. A Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL) certificate is frequently required or preferred for these positions. This type of certification, also known as English as a Second Language (ESL) and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is available through a master’s program or shorter intense training programs that can be completed within a month’s time.

As another option, all around the world, there are “international schools” that provide an American education to former or traveling American citizens. Often these are elite schools that feature superb facilities and offer their teachers wages that are competitive to traditional US salaries. In addition, benefits like housing, travel, health care and free tuition for a teacher’s children are commonly provided.

International teacher Cory Scott says, “The students themselves, though, are the very best reason to teach at any international school. As sons and daughters of diplomats, aid workers, missionaries, and successful business people, the students tend to be well-informed, motivated and exceptionally tolerant. Many have lived all over the world, and most speak several languages. Simply put, they are a delight to teach.”

One obvious benefit of teaching abroad is the chance to be fully immersed in another culture. Many overseas teachers enjoy the travel experiences that would have been impossible otherwise. Educators gain valuable teaching experience that can further their careers.

Furthermore, teaching overseas can give you a new life perspective according to Robert Kennedy, About.com’s private school guide.

He taught in the Bahamas for eight years. Living in a third world country creates a new global perspective on life. He shares, “The benefits are endless. You will feel needed and appreciated. You will make a difference.”

Educators who wish to teach overseas can work through respected placement agencies like International School Services and Search Associates. Recruitment agencies tend to hold job fairs in February for fall openings.

When considering the wages offered by different schools, take into account what the living expenses will be in the various locations. In some places a salary of US$30,000 will allow you to save thousands a year while in other places such a salary will barely cover living expenses.

For more information on teaching overseas visit the following agency websites.

International School Services

Search Associates

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