Extra-Curricular Money Making Jobs for Teachers

Extra-curricular activities are provided by schools to give students opportunities to learn and develop outside of the typical classroom setting. These experiences help students develop self-confidence in a safe, encouraging environment.

Also, different clubs and organizations can bring together a diverse groups of students that otherwise may not have had contact with each other.

The time involved will likely set the base compensation for supplemental positions. For some extra-curricular activities, almost all the work takes place during the school day if time is sometimes provided for extracurricular club meetings. A Spanish club for example may meet during provided club times. The director may have to commit to several other fieldtrips and community service projects, but the position is generally not time consuming. In comparison, the higher paying position of drama advisor requires weeks and weeks of along after school practices and an intense performance weekend.

Some extra-curricular activities give students the chance to explore possible future career interests like journalism or Future Farmers of America. Other activities like chess club allow students to learn a life-long hobby. Then there are clubs that teach students lifelong leadership and communication skills like student council and debate team do. Another common focus of extracurricular activities is community service. Many organizations like National Honor Society focus on helping others. Some high schools form groups that partner with elementary students to teach about topics like peer pressure and saying no to drugs.

Some extra-curricular activities ideally require a teacher with past experience in the field. For example, the drama director has hopefully been involved in productions before, and the dance team advisor should be able to confidently choreography a routine. However, many other extra-curricular activities like advising the student council or prom committee take no previous experience.

Given a teacher’s field of expertise, some extra-curricular positions naturally connect to the given job.

For example, French Club will likely be led by the French Teacher while a business teacher will direct the Business Professionals of America group.

Teachers can even start their own school activity for an activity they are passionate about. While there may not be funds to supplement the teacher’s pay, it is a great opportunity to further connect with students and provide them with unique learning experiences. For example, a science teacher could start a marine biology club. With activities like visiting an aquarium and going on a scuba diving trip, students are exposed to hands-on experiences that they may have never had the opportunity to do otherwise. The possibilities for enriching students’ school experiences through extracurricular activities are endless.

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