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In a nation facing climbing obesity rates among children, the importance of a solid physical education program cannot be understated. Physical education teachers typically teach health, physical education, or a combination of both topics.

A bachelor’s degree in health and physical education is typically needed to become a certified physical education teacher.

A four or five year program, coursework features teaching methods as related to physical education, general health courses, physiology, and a variety of athletic courses. Physical education teachers are licensed to teach grades k-12.

As of 2010, the average salary for a physical education teacher is US$57,000 according to Salary increases with experience.. Physical education teachers who have been in the field for less than four years earn from US$30,766 to US$41,663 reports

Physical education teachers should have a background with a variety of sports and athletic pursuits. They should also be willing to learn and design new activities for students to complete. Experiences like coaching and working with young children are also beneficial. In addition, physical education teachers may be expected to coach one or more sports for the school district. If this is a high interest area then check out sports careers in another JobMonkey section.

No longer are physical educators allowed to teach kickball all year long. A good physical education teacher provides students with a variety of experiences that lead to life-long healthy habits. Weight lifting, archery, tennis classes, ballroom dancing, and rock climbing may be offered in addition to classics like running, softball, basketball, and volleyball. There may be educational standards provided by the state around which the physical educator should plan lessons and assessments. Otherwise, national standards may be used.

A good physical education teacher is able to make students of various ability levels feel comfortable in class. A sense of teamwork and acceptance should exist within the class. Health teachers may have to handle what is hard to discuss items for some. Sex education, drug abuse, and suicide are topics that may be difficult for some teachers to confidently instruct. Some students are difficult to motivate in the physical education realm, and the effective teacher must attempt to motivate all students.

Some physical education teachers are responsible for planning an end of the year field day experience for students.

Also, the teacher may work through organizations like Jump Rope for Heart to create service learning opportunities for the students.

In some schools, physical education teachers may feel resentment from other teachers who regard them as “gym” teachers and not equal with core subject teachers. Physical education teachers also have to deal with overcrowded classes. Secondary classes with over one hundred students have been reported by

Physical education teachers are able to share their passion for a healthy and active lifestyle with students. Their work truly has the power to transform students for life. In addition, many students thrive and experience success in the physical education realm compared to the normal classroom.

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