Education Administration Jobs

Education administrators are responsible for managing schools and districts. They make sure students attend safe school buildings that are well maintained and filled with highly qualified teachers and the resources students need.

Administrators must attend countless meetings and complete an increasing amount of paperwork each year. They are called upon to make their school and district a better place.

Administrators of education are required to have higher education degrees. The most typical degree is a master’s in education administration, which provides candidates with a strong background in educational law, finance, ethics, leadership, and education in general. Doctorates are also available in this field, and are often required for superintendent positions. Most positions also require state certification. Prior teaching experience is often a prerequisite for obtaining a position.

Over 35% of education administrators reported working more than 40 hours a week according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). While some have the summer off, the majority work a year round calendar. Salary varies depending on the position but is generally above US$60,000 a year according to There is great room for advancement within the hierarchy of education administration. Assistant positions can easily lead into the top positions.

The field of education administration has a strong job outlook according to the BLS. Large numbers of administrators are due to retire. Also, due the increasing number of responsibilities associated with education administration, fewer applicants are expected.

Education administrators must be able to examine the “big picture” to develop future plans. Organization is a key quality that is needed to balance the many tasks and responsibilities of administration. Other needed qualities are innovativeness, determination, and dedication.

Also, administrators must be efficient communicators. They must collaborate well with all professional staff. Also, administers are a public representative for their school or district. Public relations are part of the job. Administrators are usually very involved in the community.

School upkeep, budgets, personnel, curriculum, and more are all handled through education administrators.

It is also their responsibility to ensure that the school and district meet a growing list of government regulations.

Increasingly, the education administrators are held responsible for a school’s performance on standardized test. Administrators are required to ensure that the teaching staff is providing students with a sound education that meets the given state standards.

Administrators have the benefit of truly being able to change an educational system. This is especially true when they are able to persuade other education professionals and community members to follow their vision.

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