Jobs at Cedar Point Amusement Park

Cedar Point bills itself as the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World.”

The park is operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, which is located in Sandusky, Ohio. The first roller coaster was constructed at Cedar Point in 1892. The Switchback Railway was 25 feet tall and moved at an impressive (for the time) 10 mph. Since 2003, Cedar Point has been home to the tallest and fastest modern roller coaster in the world. The Top Thrill Dragster is 420 feet tall and moves at 120 mph.

Working at Cedar Point

Cedar Point Amusement Park hires over 4,500 seasonal workers for a variety of positions each year. More than half of them stay at the park during their work term. The park also has about 325 year-round employees.

Employees working at the park are expected to conform to the company’s grooming standards. Cedar Point has strict guidelines when it comes to hair color and style, acceptable make-up and nail colors, and the number and types of piercings that employees may have. Visible tattoos are prohibited and workers are required to cover them using special make-up or bandages while on duty. A detailed description of grooming standards is available on the Cedar Point website.

Employees who are staying at Cedar Point during their work term are provided with inexpensive housing and eat their meals at an employee cafeteria. Day trips are planned for workers during their off-hours, and the cost may be paid for in full or through a payroll deduction plan. An employee recreation center is also available.

College or university students working at Cedar Point may qualify for college credit. The park can provide more information about which positions are eligible for internship credit.

Types of Jobs Available at Cedar Point

Cedar Point hires workers for a number of positions, including:

  1. Bartenders
  2. Desk clerks
  3. Food hosts
  4. Gift shop clerks
  5. Lifeguards
  6. Office clerks
  7. Ride hosts
  8. Room attendant
  9. Weight guessers

How to Apply for a Job at Cedar Point Amusement Park

Cedar Point accepts applications from U.S. citizens, as well as international applicants. You can find the latest Cedar Point job openings in the JobMonkey JobCenter.

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