Theme Park Hiring

Theme park recruiters have “been there, done that.” They’ve worked in the parks once, and now are charged with finding the best candidates for open positions. Here’s what someone in theme park human resources says about getting a job at a theme park.

Theme Park Hiring Image

What types of people are theme parks looking for to fill summer jobs?
“Applicants need to be interested in working in such a unique environment. They must have drive, a willingness to learn and be flexible. Most importantly, candidates have to get along with others in a diverse environment. Previous, relevant work experience is a plus, too.”

What advice would you offer potential hires for these summer jobs?
“You’ll get back what you put into this job. If you only come for the paycheck then expect to go home, that’s all you’ll accomplish, and you probably won’t be happy here. Whereas, if you’re here to learn, put yourself forward, seek new prospects, and take advantage of opportunities, you’ll become a more well-rounded individual and probably advance further, quicker.”

What qualifications/knowledge should an employee possess prior to applying for a theme park job?
“Related work experience is a plus, as is being flexible. You should be open to training regimens and willing to learn new tasks in a rapid manner. Most importantly, knowledge of the industry will take you far.”

What is the biggest mistake you see potential hires/employees make?
“The biggest mistake I see is applicants who do not research the position they are applying for. They should be aware of what they are getting into by having a solid understanding of the position.”

What would you say are the best and worst things about working in a theme park?
“For me, the best part of being here is meeting people from around the world and sharing our cultures and experiences. The hardest thing for a lot of people is learning to think in a new mindset. Folks will have to learn that theme parks do things differently than the “real world;” everything is done for the sake of the show. The company has certain ways of doing things that you’ll need to conform to. Basically, you have to relearn how to think along company lines.”

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