Disney Animal and Plant Sciences

For those of you with a scientific degree or background, Disney has two exciting, challenging, and unique departments eagerly seeking employees with skill. Disney’s Animal Programs department is one of the most respected in the world, being a proud partner in the Species Survival Plan, World Wildlife Conservation Fund, and has one of the most successful zoological breeding programs in the country. Their mission statement promises excellence in animal care, public education efforts, and championing resources for both environmental and financial gain. Likewise, the plant science team is dedicated to educating guests about world agriculture trends and produces produce for many of the restaurants around Disney property. Take note, if working with animals is among your life’s priorities then review that section of JobMonkey too.

While based at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® park, the Animal Programs team also has adjunct locations in Epcot and the Disney Wilderness Preserve. Animal Husbandry and Zoology majors can choose from avian keeper, mammalian studies, marine biology, reptile care, and fish farming. Employees in this field will be responsible for monitoring the preparation and distribution of food for the animals, general grooming, habitat enrichment, new animal introduction, the breeding program, fish harvesting, and animal behavior studies, just to name a few. Disney’s standard interaction policy is to create as natural an environment as possible, which sometimes prohibits human interaction with several of the species in the parks. However, these jobs are literal dreams come true for those wanting to work with birds of prey, savannah denizens, great apes, giant cats, etc.

To be eligible for the Animal Programs department, a biology or animal-related major is required. Previous experience in a zoo or breeding program is a plus. Farm experience with livestock does count, but just caring for a pet like a dog or count doesn’t. It also does not hurt to have some animal education experience because, like with every job at Disney, guest interaction is a standard way of life.

The plant science department is located mostly at Epcot. The 1.5 acre greenhouse facilities housed in The Land pavilion host exotic plants from around the world as well as some local favorites. A typical day in this department can range from running irrigation, pulling crops, replanting plots, seeding, pruning, researching new crops and growing mediums, and pest management. This job, like the Animal Programs roles, are labor intensive and involve many hours in broad daylight or in humid greenhouses.

If this field of employment sounds interesting, then JobMonkey’s Alaska summer jobs section might be of interest to you as well. Alaska Parks and Science Centers provide both seasonal and career opportunities for aspiring biologists, scientists, and others with an interest and background in animal and plant sciences.

Candidates for these Disney jobs need to have either practical experience (such as prior greenhouse exposure or proven farming knowledge), or have educational backgrounds in Life Sciences such as biology, agriculture, agronomy, crop science, or horticulture. Additionally, familiarity with pest management techniques, crop research, or biotechnology are definite pluses, and may even lead to a more specialized role within the department.

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