Moving Abroad – Where to Go

Evening photo of the Charles Bridge in Prague

You’ve decided to pack your bags and become an expat. No more insurance sales for you! Once the decision is made to work abroad you’ll have a tough choice: decide on a destination. Maybe you’ve always wanted to volunteer in South America and your mind is made up, but maybe every country you investigate seems more interesting than the last. Ask yourself what you hope to gain from your experience working abroad, and research the practicalities. Do you want to learn a new language, or teach others your native tongue? Will a vastly different culture stimulate you or frustrate you? Are you after city life or country charm? How far away is too far away? What is the cost of living? The typical diet? Modes of transportation? Job availability? Read up, ask around, and think hard. Making an educated decision on your new home will ease your mind and your transition abroad.

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