When To Go Abroad

When to Travel Image

As you plan your international work abroad adventure, don’t forget to consider matters of timing. First of all, make sure your overseas destination is safe. Coups and natural disasters happen at the drop of a hat, and yesterday’s island paradise may be today’s newest war zone. Think about the weather – there’s a reason people travel to Alaska in the summer – and local culture. For instance, Australia’s university students begin their break in early December, and start hunting for casual jobs about the same time. That means less work for you. You can better your chances of finding a decent job and accommodation if you show up when everyone else goes back to school or finishes their vacation. This applies to airfares as well. Never fly during holidays or peak tourist seasons, as your fares will be significantly higher and harder to find. Finally, think about the length of your working vacation. Having a general idea of your time frame will allow you to make more informed choices about how to best spend your time and money.

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