Working in the U.S.

People throughout the world, non-U.S. citizens, are looking for job opportunities in America. And wouldn’t you know, some American employers, in particular job sectors, are hiring lots of foreigners these days. For seasonal work you have the option of summer camp jobs and theme park jobs, for instance. The high tech industry is always looking for engineers while oil jobs are available too.

21st century America is dense with culture, debate and diversity. The U.S. has every type of landscape: beaches, mountains, deserts, plains, forests- and just as many ways to experience them. Ride the waves in the real Orange County, intern downtown Manhattan, gallop through the Rockies, or get paid to play as a camp counselor. Whether you type or telemark, the range of people and places that you’ll meet in the States will make every penny worth it. And, while getting a work permit isn’t easy, it’s also not impossible.

You can’t just move to America and start working! Learn how to work in the U.S. by visiting the sites listed below:

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