Travel Advice

Finding a reasonably priced flight can be one of traveling’s biggest challenges. You’re off the hook if your work abroad program arranges your travel, but if it’s up to you, knowing where to look makes all the difference.

Airport Manager poses for Photo

Start with the major airlines when looking for cheap airline tickets. Sign up for their email updates well in advance, as deals are occasionally advertised exclusively to subscribers and earlier usually means cheaper. Discount and wholesale travel websites typically have list serves as well. If possible, input a variety of departure and destination cities to widen your net and potentially lower your costs. A range of dates can help too, as will avoiding peak travel times and flying on weekdays.

If you’re a student or under age 26, youth travel agencies often have the best deals. Check our overseas volunteering section for inexpensive airfare tips. Look into options such as multi-destination tickets, round-the-world tickets, or open-ended tickets if your travel plans are flexible or varied. These sites generally serve as good starting points for a myriad of travel needs, so check out their other sections as well- you may find some good deals on accommodation, transport, or insurance.

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