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Summer is a time for fun. If you just have to work during the summer months, then why not find employment that intermixes a healthy dose of fun income opportunity?

Regardless of your personal interest or reasons for pursuing summer work, it’s likely you can find a great summer job on JobMonkey.

After reading the Summer Employment section of our website you’ll know about the many job opportunities available and how to learn about them on JobMonkey.


There are literally thousands of summer employment opportunities every year with locations all over the United States and abroad.

Please understand that if you came to JobMonkey looking for internships with law firms or fast food jobs, then you’ll be disappointed!

JobMonkey launched in 1999 with the primary purpose of turning people on to cool summer jobs and other seasonal work. The website is especially popular among people who love to travel, are adventurous, and who prefer making their summer dollars in a memorable way. Our editors have over 30 years of combined experience researching and writing about the world’s top summer jobs and are happy to share their insights with seasonal job seekers.

Did you know that many summer jobs offer:

  • Free or discounted room and board?
  • Travel allowances to help defray the expense of traveling from home to the job site?
  • Monetary and other types of bonuses for completing a summer employment contract?
  • Raises and added benefits for employees who return for consecutive summer seasons?
  • For college students…a foot in the door after college graduation and excellent references?
  • Opportunities to make new friends from other parts of the country or the world?

Hopefully, reading through this brief section will open your eyes to opportunities you’ve never before considered. Perfect seasonal jobs for college students and everyone else!

Search Summer Job Listings!

On the following pages you’ll learn the basics about several industries, then you’ll learn more in other sections of JobMonkey. For instance:

  • The Alaska seafood industry operates year-round, the bulk of the jobs are available during the months of May through mid-September. Learn about jobs with onshore and offshore seafood processing plants as well as jobs on fishing boats.
  • Alaska summer tourism is really jumping due to extensive cruise ship travel, incredible fishing and scenic beauty. Unfortunately, many seasonal employers in Alaska can’t find enough Alaskans to fill all the open jobs, so they recruit aggressively from elsewhere. Summer jobs in Alaska are with lodges, hotels, rail lines, national parks, and other sectors of the tourism industry.
  • What’s the first job that comes to mind when someone says “Summer Job”? A lot of people will say “summer camp counselor”! Summer camps are located all over the country, and many have such a hard time finding workers that they end up recruiting staff from outside the U.S.
  • Theme parks and summer attractions, such as water parks, are overrun with tourists in the summer months. Theme park jobs can be a lot of fun and the range of jobs is mind boggling, especially at the larger “brand” properties like Disneyland.
  • If fresh air is your thing, then you’ll love that JobMonkey features outdoor jobs galore. Dude ranches, located primarily in the western states, hire hundreds of workers each summer and provide room and board as well as clean air and stunning views.
  • Jobs in America’s national parks are plentiful. Think Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Acadia, Grand Tetons. The National Park Service as well as the concessionaires who run hotels and other operations within the parks hire many thousands of workers for the summer months.
  • Summer tour guide jobs are great for dynamic, outgoing people who have a good sense of humor and interest in history. Seasonal guides typically receive a base pay, tips, and sometimes excellent perks from area vendors. River raft guides are another type of guiding job to look in to, although some training is definitely needed!
  • Are you a college student who cares less about money in the summer than a working experience for college credit and to bolster the resume? Fun summer internships are available in most of the industries highlighted on JobMonkey.

It’s time to start learning more about the coolest summer jobs on earth. We’ve made it easy for you to jump straight to more information by providing links to other JobMonkey material right in the text.

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