Fishing Guide Jobs

A job in the fishing industry can mean many things. It can mean working for an Alaskan Fishing outfit like the ones described in Job Monkey’s Alaska’s Fishing Industry or it can mean being a fishing guide or instructor for fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing is a Favorite Pastime for many People

For the most part the fishing industry is split between commercial fishing and pleasure fishing. In the United States commercial fishing takes place mainly in Alaska. This is because it is simply the best and most cost effective place for commercial fishing. There are marina fishing industries in ports around the U.S. who are in need of boat workers and journeymen, but for the novice and eager fisherman, jobs in Alaskan waters are the way to go.

Pleasure Fishing

Pleasure fishing is an incredibly large and profitable industry. Fishing is one of America’s favorite past times and has enthusiasts all over the world. People travel far and wide to experience deep-sea fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing and charter boat fishing. Each of these avenues requires people with knowledge of fishing to guide and teach customers towards a successful fishing experience.

Fishing Guides

Fishing guides work for a fishing or hunting outfitter to provide customers with the knowledge they need to successfully fish the specific style and water they choose.

Fishing guides are usually well versed in all areas of fishing but it is common for a fishing guide to specialize in one form of fishing over another. For example, fly fishing or deep sea fishing. Most fishing guides are comfortable on the water, because so much fishing takes place on boats or in the water. Therefore many fishing guides are also boat captains who have maritime knowledge. Fishing guides are usually asked to help with every aspect of the fishing experience. From navigating the water and equipment to cleaning and preparing the fish once they are caught, being a fishing guide means guiding customers in every aspect of fishing.

The more diverse your skills as a fisherman the better your chances of landing a fishing guide job. Most fishing outfitters will offer trout fly fishing in addition to lake and river fishing for bass. As with hunting, there is a large interest among guides to become an Alaska fishing guide. Having skills in a variety of areas will increase your chances of hire regardless of where the guiding position is located.

Getting Hired

Getting hired as fishing guide can be difficult because there are less fishing outfitters than hunting outfitters, for instance. However, applying to both is an excellent idea. Some hunting outfitters don’t advertise for fishing although it is an offered service. Applying directly to outfitters in your area is the best course of action to get a fishing guide job.

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