Commercial Diving Organizations

If you’re doing research on commercial dive training, it is always good to know what official organizations are associated with the school. Organizations do things like set training standards, oversee instruction, and ensure that you are receiving a high quality education. Below are a few of the major commercial dive organizations.

Association of Commercial Diving Educators –

The ACDE is a charitable organization that focuses on consistent and quality education for commercial divers. They oversee commercial diving schools to ensure that they meet national standards. There are 7 ACDE member schools in the United States.

Association of Diving Contractors International –
The ADCI is a worldwide organization that sets standards for commercial diving. There are more than 500 members from over 40 nations. The US Coast Guard writes that ADCI standards are “meeting or exceeding” federal regulations for commercial diving. ADCI members include businesses, educational facilities, and medical communities that are involved in commercial diving.

European Diving Technology Committee –

The EDTC is the commercial diving regulatory body of Europe. It has medical, industrial, governmental, and union members from each of the European countries. These members oversee diving safety and medicine, technology, equipment, types of diving, and organizations in order to set a commercial diving standard for the region.

Health & Safety Executive –

A government body which has been setting the standards and ensuring stringent safety regulations within the commercial diving industry for many years, and an HSE Commercial Diving Certification is widely recognized internationally as a high quality certification to have.

International Diving Schools Association –
The IDSA’s goal is to improve commercial diving education by promoting international training standards, having a collective industry voice, increasing diver safety, and expanding communication between training facilities.

International Marine Contractors Association –
The IMCA is a worldwide trade association that promotes safety standards for offshore, marine, and underwater companies. It has over 550 members that are conscious of the two main IMCA philosophies – Competence, Training, & Safety and Environment & Legislation. The IMCA’s diving section includes equipment suppliers, consultants, training establishments, employment agencies, oil companies, and regulatory bodies.

National Association of Commercial Divers –
The NAOCD is an organization for the individuals who work in the commercial diving world. Their goal is to spread factual information to members and help organize and promote commercial diver wants and needs.

Commercial Dive Resources

Commercial diving resources can be hard to come by. There are lots of excellent books available, but online sources can be lacking. If you’re interested in commercial diving, here are a few website links where you can learn more.

Commercial Divers Safety Network
The CDSN is a group of active commercial divers focused on commercial diver safety, training, and education.

Commercial Diver
This is one of the best online resources to learn about commercial diving. Includes links about history, branches, education, regulatory agencies, equipment, health and safety, employment, and much more.

Divework –
Register for a fee and post your resume or search for commercial diving jobs in places like the Middle East, UK, or the States. –
This is the official website for the Association of Diving Contractors International’s Underwater magazine.

US Department of Labor Statistics –
This government link gives an official job description of a Commercial Diver and includes information on wages, employment outlook, number of jobs in each state, and more.

Commercial Dive School Directory
Below is a list of commercial dive schools divided by country. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it is a good place to begin your search. Remember to do your research before you commit to a commercial dive school.


Descend Underwater Training Centre
Address: Shop 1, 826 David Street, Albury, NSW 2640
Telephone: +61.2.60411405
Summary: Offers all four sequential levels of the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme that result in diplomas and certificates. Courses start about once a month.


Divers University
Address: Av. Conselheiro Nebias, 536 Encruzilhada, Santos SP
Telephone: 13 3223.6967
Email: [email protected]

Summary: A member of the International Diving Schools Association with training and is one of the leading commercial dive schools in South America.


Canadian Working Divers Institute
Address: 4420 Hwy 507, Buckhorn, ON CANADA, K0L 1J0
Telephone: 1.800.924.1124
Summary: A cost-conscious group that trains divers for both national and international work. Because of their high quality training, this company has good luck with job placement.

Commercial Diving College
Address: 4-10 King St. West, Saint John, NB, Canada, E2M-7Y5
Telephone: 506.672.DIVE

Summary: During a 16 week course, students train in real work-like conditions for commercial diving certifications. Graduates work on every continent but Antarctica.

Divesafe International
Address: PO Box 342, 1003A Island Highway, Campbell River, BC, Canada, V9W 5B6

Summary: Offers short commercial dive training courses for training in movie production, aquaculture, environmental surveys, and more. This is not the place if you want to work on an offshore oilrig.

Institut Maritime Du Quebec
Address: 53, rue Saint-Germain Ouest, Rimouski (Qc) G5L 4B4
Telephone: 418.724.2822
Summary: Commercial dive training in Quebec. Website is in French-Canadian.


Institut National de Plongee Professionnelle
Address: Entrée no 3, Port de la Pointe Rouge, 13008 Marseille, France
Telephone: +33 (0)
Summary: With an English and French website, the National Institute of Professional Diving of France certified to train commercial diving, survival rescue, destructive testing, and hyperbaric security. It is a member of the European Diving Technology Committee.

The International Diving Schools Association
Address: 47 Faubourg de la Madeleine, 56140 Malestroit, Brittany, France
Telephone: +332 9773 7261
Email: [email protected]

Summary: The body that oversees international diving standards and education. This is a good place to ensure your future education is in good hands.


Netherlands Diving Center
Address: Bureau NDC, Buitenhofdreef 280, 2625 RE DELFT
Telephone: 015 251 20 20
Summary: Commercial dive training in the Netherlands. Website in Dutch.

New Zealand

New Zealand School of Commercial Diver Training
Address: PO Box 9145, Hamilton, New Zealand
Telephone: (+64) 0274 460 555
Summary: A career oriented group that meets national industry standards and helps with the post-training employment process. Training includes a combination of ADAS and NZQA qualifications.


Address: No. 26 Changi North Crescent, 3rd Floor, Diethelm Keller Building, SINGAPORE 499637
Telephone: +65 6542.4984
Summary: Focusing on the offshore drilling industry, KBA offers International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) courses year round.

South Africa

Commercial Diving and Offshore Consultancy
Address: PO Box 45, 40A Main Rd, Saldanha Bay, Western Cape, South Africa
Telephone: +27 0.82.771.6351
Summary: The main focus of this group is commercial dive consulting, but they also offer diver medic courses.

Professional Diving Centre
Telephone: +27 31.466.6902
Email: [email protected]
Summary: For 22 years, this school has offered training in saturation diving, surface mixed gas, hot water suits, and is recognized by the International Marine Contractors Association. Class size is limited to only 12 students.

West Coast Commercial Diving School
Address: 21 -23 Main Rd, Saldanha Bay, South Africa
Telephone: 022.714.0222
Summary: Offers several internationally recognized commercial diver certifications. Unfortunately, there are lots of dead links on website.


Mermaid Maritime
Address: 789/55 Moo 1, Pinthong Industrial Estate, Nongkham, Sriracha, Chonburi 20230, Thailand
Telephone: (+66) (0) 38 318300

Summary: With a business focus on offshore services and oil drilling, Mermaid also offers training courses in welding, painting, blasting, inspection and much more.

United States


National Polytechnic College of Science
Address: Kearny Mesa Campus, 3580 Aero Court, San Diego, CA 92123-1711
Telephone: 1.800.432.3483
Summary: One of the few diving schools associated with the National University System, offers programs focused only on Commercial Diving in three California locations – San Diego, Los Angeles, and Wilmington.

Santa Barbara City College
Address: Marine Technology Dept., 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93109-2394
Telephone: 805.965.0581 ext 2426
Email: [email protected]
Summary: Offers a 32-week community college course that offers commercial diving certifications from the Association of Diving Contractors and the Association of Commercial Diving Educators.


Commercial Diving Academy
Address: 8137 B North Main Street, Jacksonville, FL 32208
Telephone: 1.888.974.2232
Summary: Low cost, 16-week courses give students internationally recognized certifications in Non-destructive testing, welding, medical specialties, and underwater burning. The campus has room and board available.

Florida School of Commercial Diving
Address: 2121 Old Hickory Tree Road, St. Cloud, Florida 34772
Telephone: 1.877.Fla.Dive (1.877.352.3483)
Summary: You’ll learn about underwater construction, demolition, and inspection and obtain a commercial diving diploma and certification card from the Association of Diving Contractors International.


Minnesota Commercial Diver Training Center
Address: 712 Washington Street, Brainerd, MN 56401
Telephone: 1.800.216.5521
Summary: While training in the lakes of Minnesota, graduates of the 8-week program earn nine commercial diving certifications.

New Jersey

Divers Academy International
Address: Lakeside Business Park, 1500 Liberty Place, Erial, NJ 08081-1139
Telephone: 1.800.238.DIVE
Summary: This intense high quality 5 month accredited and approved course awards numerous certifications and propels its graduates to jobs in onshore, offshore, hazmat, nuclear, and scientific diving.

South Carolina

International Diving Institute
Address: 1400 Pier Side Street, Bldg 190, Suite C, North Charleston, SC 29405
Telephone: 1.888.SAT.DIVE
Summary: A licensed institute that teaches Commercial diver certification in four months. Financing is available.


Ocean Corporation
Address: 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, Texas 77099
Telephone: 1.800.321.0298
Summary: Since 1969, commercial diver training has been top notch here. Training in welding, burning, rigging, HAZMAT, nuclear, offshore, tending, air mixes, ROVs, and decompression chambers is offered.


Divers Institute of Technology
Address: 4315 11th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
Telephone: 1.800.634.8377
Summary: Earn over 10 international certifications in rigging, offshore, inland, welding, cutting, burning, NDT, deep diving, hydraulic tools, salvage, air mixes, and HAZMAT in only seven months.


Address: Stoke Damerel Business Centre, 3A Church Street, Stoke, Plymouth, Devon, PL3 4DT, Great Britain
Telephone: + 44 (0)1752 558080
Summary: This school has courses in just about every aspect of commercial diving.

National Hyperbaric Centre
Address: 123 Ashgrove Road West, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, AB12 5FA
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224 698895
Summary: Good place to get courses as dive technicians, life support technicians, diver medics, or dive supervisors.

Professional Diving Academy
Address: Unit 19, Sandbank Business Park, Sandbank, Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland, PA23 8PB
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0) 1369.701.701
Summary: Offers a variety of shorter courses to continue your commercial diving education, which allows for careers in all aspects of commercial diving.

Specialty Welds
Address: Suite 18, Moorlands Business Centre, Balme Road, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, BD19 4EZ
Telephone: +44 (0) 1274.879867
Summary: Expert training in both dry and underwater welding.

TH Diving Services Ltd
Address: 20 Westfield Av, Plymouth, Devon, PL9 9PF
Telephone: +44 (0) 1752 408200
Summary: Website needs some work, but seems to offer very basic training for commercial diving.

The Underwater Centre
Address: Carmichael Way, Fort William, Highland, Scotland, PH33 6FF
Telephone: +44(0) 1397 703 786
Summary: Industry-specific subsea training and trials; providing all levels of HSE Commercial Diver training and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) training.

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