Diving Jobs with Cruise Lines

Are you ready to travel the world? Explore exotic ports all the time. Visit different countries weekly. Live in luxury settings. Have no living expenses, only excess income. Meet awesome people. Enjoy tax and medical benefits. For as long or as short as you want?

It’s hard to turn that down, isn’t it? Well that is life when you have a cruise ship job as a diver. Cruise ships operate all over the world in some incredible places – the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific – all places that will make your friends jealous when you tell them where you are working and diving.

Scuba Diver Training Photo

Cruise ship jobs are great. People pay lots of money to cruise the seas and are eager to have a good time. Your job is to make sure they have fun! That’s easy. And being on the same ship, you will get to know your students and clients both in the water and on the cruise ship social scene.

As part of the cruise ship’s activities and entertainment, people will eagerly seek you out to take them diving. You’ll be leading dive trips and teaching diving in classrooms and in onboard pools in different exotic ports. You’ll see different dive sites every time you dive, which will keep your passion for diving alive. You’ll be in charge of leading snorkeling trips, teaching dive classes, leading dive trips, and maintaining equipment.

In order to work on a cruise ship, the minimum requirement is dive instructor with full CPR and First Aid skills – usually SCUBA diving certification is required.

Cruise lines offer their employees free room and board. This is a nice chunk of change that you don’t have to pay. Plus, all your travel is included. And when you add in medical benefits and tax breaks (check your government’s rules on this) your income of $1,500 to $2,300 U.S. a month is a very lucrative income. Especially when you consider that you are being paid to have fun and go diving!

Free travel, luxury living, having fun, and going diving are all undeniably good reasons to work for the dive shop on a cruise ship. It can be a nice break from the daily grind or it can become a full time career. Either way, you will have the time of your life.

Check out cruise lines that operate in your dream destination to find jobs.

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